1994.03.17 02:56 "I believe that I've found a bug in tif_write.c", by Dave Hylands

The function TIFFWriteTile passes "(tsize_t) -1" as the last parameter to the call TIFFWriteEncodedTile. When tsize_t was declared to be a uint32 this would be a very large positve number, however, since tsize_t has been redeclared as an int32, it is now a negative number.

TIFFWriteEncodedTile has the following test:

if (cc > tif->tif_tilesize)
   cc = tif->tif_tilesize;

This of course does nothing when cc == -1.

The "clamp" test should also test for negative numbers, or TIFFWriteTile should pass an appropriate large positive number.

I noticed this when trying to use tiffcp to convert a strip based file to a tile based file. The routine ran and produced a TIFF file with no image data.

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