2002.08.07 21:30 "tiff version and photoshop 7", by Nathan Day

2002.08.07 21:39 "Re: tiff version and photoshop 7", by Chris Cox

can someone break down the relationship between libtiff, photoshop 7 and the TIFF specification for me?

Latest version of the TIFF format seems to be v6.0, and yet it seems like Adobe has made modifications to the tiff spec since then, but hasnt incremented the version number?

Because no full update of the spec. has been made.

What version of the tiff format does photoshop 7 use?

6.0 plus the changes specified in the Photoshop 7 documents (available on the Adobe web site).

Does the latest version of libtiff support that?

Not all of it, yet.

Thanks folks, this is very confusing for me and any assistance would be appreciated!

It shouldn't be confusing.