2002.09.19 05:30 "Jbig in TIFF", by Ram N

Hi all

I am currently working on Embedding black and white lossless JBIG Compressed data in a TIFF File.

I am getting the JBIG data through hardware compression using Pixel Magic's PM22 Compression chip.

I am following the RFC 2301 for Internet fax. The TIFF file needs to be sent as email from Fax machine.

As mentioned in RFC 2301 I am using Compression Scheme = 9 and Fill Order = 1(MSB_FIRST) as PM22 gives MSB First JBIG Data.

I am not able to open the JBIG Embedded TIFF File in any of the Viewers that I have. I tried Lead Tools Evaluation Version and one Viewer PM2View which had come along with the CD that Accompanies PM22 Chip.

Can any one of me suggest what could be problem? If you require more information I can provide as and when you ask.

Thanks in Advance

Ram N