1993.06.03 21:46 "libtiff for mac?", by Stephen David Peplaski

1993.06.04 09:03 "libtiff on the Macintosh", by Benno Mosterd

do you know of anyone who has ported libtiff to the macintosh? also, does the manual exist, or can it be gotten, in some other format than the unix man included with libtiff?

any info would help.


I have compiled the libtiff library version 3.21 BETA on the Mac using Think_C 5.0.2 and 4 byte ints.

The files tif_fax3.c and tif_fax4.c had to be left out because of the huge include file g3states.h.

In tif_apple.c two lines had to be fixed because the file pointer was sometimes set beyond the EOF:

line 86 from :
        if (SetFPos((short) fd, fsFromLEOF, off) != noErr)
        if (SetFPos((short) fd, fsFromLEOF, off > 0 ? 0 : off) != noErr)

and line 92 from :
        if (SetFPos((short) fd, fsFromLEOF, off - size) != noErr)
        if (SetFPos((short) fd, fsFromLEOF, off > size ? 0 : off - size) != noErr)

The rest of the library compiled without any problems.

I have not yet tested the new 3.2 patch, but I don't expect any problems.

Benno Mosterd