1994.08.08 09:38 "minor(?) problems with libtiff", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard

1994.08.08 15:08 "Re: minor(?) problems with libtiff", by Sam Leffler

Large memory chunks allocated in Windows 3.x must be 'void huge*' to make sure that they can access more than 64K (one segment of data). This was possible before that change to void*. Maybe we could introduce a talloc_t type to be memory allocated by _TIFFmalloc.

Maybe we could just sit down and wait for Windows NT and Windows 4.0 to be installed everywhere Windows 3.x is now. Maybe we could solve the problem.

I would urge everyone interrested to take a look at the memory manager in the IJG JPEG library by Tom Lane et al. It solves these problems in an elegant way.

Thanks for the tip. The key issue I have with adding Windows-specific support is that I have no way of testing anything. I make it a practice to not distribute code that I cannot test. This doesn't mean that I won't do it; just that I prefer to make the code more portable instead of putting in specific code to deal with a system's limitations.

In addition, I guess that adding TIFF-JPEG support will mean some kind of integration between these two libraries. That could perhaps be the right time to solve this problem.

The IJG distribution and my distribution are separate. While we may be able to share code I have no intention of making my code "depend" on theirs and, I assume, they feel the same way. This means, in this case at least, that I would not simply reference their memory management code. If it made sense to use their software then I would make it a full-fledged part of the distribution.