1994.11.02 00:29 "LibTiffW almost ready.", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard


There has been a lot of requests for LibTiff for Windows. Due to deadlines in my normal work, I have not been able to take a look at the code for a long time. I have, however, had the time these past two weeks.

After many hours of trying to make the library work as a large model dll or lib file I had to give up. There were simply too many pointer casts in the libtiff library. The consequense was that I went back to the current available libtiff library and started porting to Windows as a HUGE dll. This may cause some penalty with regard to speed but it will be a whole lot more code compatible with future versions of libtiff.

The library was compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5 as a DLL with LIB file for linking. This results in quite small applications. Most of the tools were ported as "QuickWin" applications which means that would need to use the program manager or file manager and start the program using "File|Run" with the correct number of parameters. Also the tools take 100% Windows CPU time until they finish.

I have ordered Windows NT 3.5 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0 and will be looking at porting to a WIN32 DLL when they arrive.

Before releasing my works, I will coordinate with Sam Leffler to make sure that I do not interfere with his work. He will try to merge my changes with his upcoming release.

I will most likely put the sources out for anonymous ftp and mail the address and file name on this mailing list when it happens.

Any comments on the above are very welcome but I am not going to go through it all again :-) (it would be the 4th or 5th time!)


P.S. I am sorry if some of you mailed me a letter for help in vain. I have my mailbox full of letters about libtiff for windows. Sorry.


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