1994.02.24 15:04 "Updated version of LIBTIFFW", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard

I have released a minor update of libtiffw. It is available from

  daimi.aau.dk  in directory
  /pub/pc/tiff  as

There are still some problems in connection with reading LZW images with large strips, I'll look at that soon (I hope). Support for writing CCITT-RLE has been included. Also all the patches posted during the last year has been applied to the sources.

TIFF *WRITING* with this library is functioning 99.9% (there's always one more bug :-), reading still needs a bit of testing.

Fax writing has been "fixed" so that white is always 0 and black is always 1. If you disagree with this way of handling images, consider it a "known bug". I still maintain that addressing white/black in a compression scheme doesn't make sense. bit/byte/word/long values can be used - not colours. That would imply consulting PhotometricInterpretation and GreyResponseCurve (and possibly some other tags that I cannot remember right now?).

Please mail any questions to pingel@daimi.aau.dk.

Soren Pingel Dalsgaard
Department of Computer Science
Aarhus University
Ny Munkegade 116
DK-8000 Aarhus C