1993.12.01 20:07 "3.2beta on Sun", by Frances Ho

I seem to be having problem getting a good copy of 3.2 beta libtiff that runs on SunOS 4.1.1.

I'm using the Makefile.sun that was included with 3.2beta, and the ANSI C compiler from SPARCworks (acc) version 2.0. The library gets compiled fine with some very minor ANSI changes (I'm using the -Xa option with acc). I then compile the new tiff2ps program and link with the new library. Using the same TIFF file, the output from the new tiff2ps is about 100,000 bytes less than the 3.0 tiff2ps output, and the new output is totally garbled. What did I do wrong? I haven't applied the patches yet, but I didn't think that the base 3.2beta won't even produce without the patches.

Thanks in advance.