2002.09.30 17:34 "Seek help", by Zhongfu Zhou

2002.10.01 04:36 "Re: Seek help", by Peter Montgomery


An unsigned char will allows the values from 0 to 255. The array size can be as big as you want, just declare it or malloc it with enough memory. The statement "unsigned char buffer[100]" will give allow up to a 10 X 10 (or 2 X 50, etc) image with values from 0 to 255. You say that "t only can be used to save single character". Is the compiler giving you an error message? If so, then what is the exact error message and what is the exact line of code that it is complaining about. Arrays in C are very closely tied to pointers, and if you're not too familiar with C, it's easy to get the code wrong.