2009.02.16 16:27 "[Tiff] Editable PDF creation from a tiff image", by Raghu Udupa

2009.02.17 18:40 "[Tiff] creating Searchable PDF and searchable tiff", by Raghu Udupa

We receive documents that we deliver either as a tiff image or as a PDF file.

We now have a need to deliver either as a searchable TIFF or searchable PDF document.

We use libtiff library to create the tiff image.

My question is

  1. Using latest libtiff library, can I create a searchable tiff
  2. Will tif2pdf that comes with latest libtiff library create a searchable PDF?
  3. If not, is there a open source software that I can use to create a searchable PDF and/or searchable TIFF document?