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2002.09.11 13:55 "Tags modifcation", by Gerben Koopmans
2002.09.11 14:21 "Re: Tags modifcation", by Frank Warmerdam

2002.09.11 13:55 "Tags modifcation", by Gerben Koopmans

Hi there,

In trying to use the tag extension schemes in "./contrib/tags" I came across a not so obvious limitation in the lines

#define        FIELD_LAST                      (32*FIELD_SETLONGS-1)
u_long     td_fieldsset[FIELD_SETLONGS];

in tif_dir.h.

Here FIELD_LAST indicates the maximum number of tags you may define in libtiff. If, for instance, you want to read Exif files it seems you need to increase FIELD_SETLONGS to accomodate the large number of tags.

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