1994.02.14 12:37 "v33b_win.arj -> v33b_win.zip", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard

Sorry about assuming that PC owners had the ARJ archiving program. I am arranging for the file to be put in the same directory as v33b_win.zip.

A big flame war has appantly started with my attempt at being helpful to others by implementing byte-swapping. I have come across at least one tiff reader that didn't accept Intel <little-endian> byte order. It was a program for the macintosh.

All I can say is: If people don't want to change the byte order. Don't use it. If people would like to append images to a tiff files that has opposite byte ordering of that of their computer, they will be using my modifications without knowing it.

Please stop flaming. There are pros and cons of these modifications.

In my oppinion error reporting and warning reporting should have been put in the computer specific file (tif_vms, tif_msdos, tif_unix e.t.c.) Most of the time the way to report errors is the same, but in MS-Windows stderr is not defined. printing to stdout is meaningless.

Soren Pingel Dalsgaard
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