2009.02.12 21:10 "[Tiff] warning and errors", by Philip Watkinson

2009.02.18 21:25 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFWarning() and TIFFError()", by Philip Watkinson

And the reason is?

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Subject: Re: [Tiff] TIFFWarning() and TIFFError()

On Wed, 18 Feb 2009, Philip Watkinson wrote:

> I've been comparing version 3.7.1 with 3.8.2. I've noticed that calls > to

> TIFFWarning() and TIFFError() have been replaced with calls to > TIFFWarningExt() and TIFFErrorExt(). But for some reason this

> substitution did not occur in tif_ojpeg.c. Is there a reason?



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