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1993.07.07 18:11 "DOS, libtiff", by Krishna Gupta
1993.07.07 20:34 "Re: DOS, libtiff", by Sam Leffler

1993.07.07 20:34 "Re: DOS, libtiff", by Sam Leffler

My friend is interested to have libtiff source with sample images. Is there a way to transfer tiff stuff to DOS machine using Compuserve? Could somebody elaborate the procedure.

From the file HOWTO:

Obtaining the Software by Electronic Mail

Do not send me requests for the software; they will be ignored (without response). If you cannot use FTP at all, there is a service called "ftpmail" available from you can send e-mail to this machine and it will use FTP to retrieve files for you and send you the files back again via e-mail. To find out more about the ftpmail service, send a message to "" whose body consists of the single line "help".