2002.08.15 00:33 "Orientation field", by Dante Allegria

2002.08.15 14:21 "RE: Orientation field", by Peter Nielsen

Does anyone know if anybody supports the Orientation field? It

Some do, some don't. According to the specification document, readers aren't required to support it.

I recently run a quick test of 7 TIFF viewers for the orientation tag support. Indeed, only one out of the 7 viewed orientation values requiring both 90 degree and 180 degree rotation correctly. This "viewer" was QualityLogic's TIFF-FXpert test suite! Viewer called "xv" (available for Unix) also was able to flip the image (180 degree rotation), but was unable to do a 90 degree rotation.

FWIW, PMView (http://www.pmview.com) will handle all 8 orientations.

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