2003.04.08 14:04 "please help with LZW", by Hailin Shen

2003.04.08 14:24 "RE: please help with LZW", by John Carter


I'm not sure about 12 bit (my code only works for 1,4,8,and 24) but my [limited :-)] understanding would be that the LZW codes refer to H diffed color map indexes.


1) you should decode the LZW codes
        this should produce a list of H diffed color map indecies
        (i think how h diff works) is that the 1st is a real index,
        the second is the difference between the 1st and second.
        is the 3rd the diff from the 1st or 2nd (i'm not sure) so
2) produce a list of corrected colour map indecies

if you want send on the tiff file and i'll see what i can do I'd be curious as how how long it would be before my pc blue screened :-')