1994.03.19 20:26 "Question about compiling libtiff on DEC Ultrix 4.2", by Bill Cattey

1994.03.21 18:03 "Re: Question about compiling libtiff on DEC Ultrix 4.2", by Dan McCoy

I am compiling tiff 3.30beta ALPHA 002 on a DECStation running Ultrix 4.2a.

Me too.

When I go to compile libtiff with the bundled C compiler (cc -V reports: Mips Computer Systems 2.10), it chokes and dies with errors.

I build the library no problem on Ultrix 4.2a using Decs "c89" compiler. That's the full ansi compiler that you get with their c++ system.

I just tried building using "cc". First try, tons of errors.

I just added "-Dconst= " to the CFLAGS and all of the errors went away.

It struck me as odd that the MIPS compiler on the SGI should work, but the one on the DECStation should not. Anyone have any clues?

Yes, 3.3 expects an ansi compiler.

I see three ways to address my problem:

  1. Put up with the slightly pessimal gcc code.
  2. Modify libtiff to compile under whatever old MIPS compiler my DECStation has.

Just a matter of -Dconst= in the Makefile

  1. Get a newer version of gcc (the current version is gcc version cygnus-2.3.3-930417) and 11 months is a LONG time for gcc improvements.)

4. get c89 from dec. (Not necessarily the best option, since they charge for it.)

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