1993.11.16 17:11 "Warning, unknown field with tag 34377 (0x8649) ignored.", by Martin Lichtin

is what tiffinfo says when applied to a picture saved with Adobe Photoshop.

Is there some information available somewhere for that (private?) tag which Adobe's using so I would know what is saved in that tag?

I'm using the tiff-3.2beta002 library, btw.

file.tif: Warning, unknown field with tag 34377 (0x8649) ignored.

TIFF Directory at offset 0x8
  Subfile Type: (0 = 0x0)
  Image Width: 468 Image Length: 414
  Resolution: 72, 72 pixels/inch
  Bits/Sample: 8
  Compression Scheme: none
  Photometric Interpretation: min-is-black
  Samples/Pixel: 1
  Rows/Strip: 17
  Planar Configuration: single image plane


Magic: 0x4d4d <big-endian> Version: 0x2a
Directory 0: offset 8 (0x8)
SubFileType (254) LONG (4) 1<0>
ImageWidth (256) SHORT (3) 1<468>
ImageLength (257) SHORT (3) 1<414>
BitsPerSample (258) SHORT (3) 1<8>
Compression (259) SHORT (3) 1<1>
Photometric (262) SHORT (3) 1<1>
StripOffsets (273) LONG (4) 1<448>
SamplesPerPixel (277) SHORT (3) 1<1>
RowsPerStrip (278) SHORT (3) 1<414>
StripByteCounts (279) LONG (4) 1<193752>
XResolution (282) RATIONAL (5) 1<72>
YResolution (283) RATIONAL (5) 1<72>
ResolutionUnit (296) SHORT (3) 1<2>

34377 (0x8649) BYTE (1) 250<0x8980 0x8981 0x8982 0x8983 0x8984 0x8985 0x8986 0x8987 0x8988 0x8989 0x898a 0x898b 0x898c 0x898d 0x898e 0x898f 0x8990 0x8991 0x8992 0x8993 0x8994 0x8995 0x8996 0x8997 0x8998 0x8999 0x899a 0x899b 0x899c 0x899d 0x899e 0x899f 0x89a0 0x89a1 0x89a2 0x89a3 0x89a4 0x89a5 0x89a6 0x89a7 0x89a8 0x89a9 0x89aa 0x89ab 0x89ac 0x89ad 0x89ae 0x89af 0x89b0 0x89b1 0x89b2 0x89b3 0x89b4 0x89b5 0x89b6 0x89b7 0x89b8 0x89b9 0x89ba 0x89bb 0x89bc 0x89bd 0x89be 0x89bf 0x89c0 0x89c1 0x89c2 0x89c3 0x89c4 0x89c5 0x89c6 0x89c7 0x89c8 0x89c9 0x89ca 0x89cb 0x89cc 0x89cd 0x89ce 0x89cf 0x89d0 0x89d1 0x89d2 0x89d3 0x89d4 0x89d5 0x89d6 0x89d7 0x89d8 0x89d9 0x89da 0x89db 0x89dc 0x89dd 0x89de 0x89df 0x89e0 0x89e1 0x89e2 0x89e3 0x89e4 0x89e5 0x89e6 0x89e7 0x89e8 0x89e9 0x89ea 0x89eb 0x89ec 0x89ed 0x89ee 0x89ef 0x89f0 0x89f1 0x89f2 0x89f3 0x89f4 0x89f5 0x89f6 0x89f7 0x89f8 0x89f9 0x89fa 0x89fb 0x89fc 0x89fd 0x89fe 0x89ff 0x8a00 0x8a01 0x8a02 0x8a03 0x8a04 0x8a05 0x8a06 0x8a07 0x8a08 0x8a09 0x8a0a 0x8a0b 0x8a0c 0x8a0d 0

x8a0e 0x8a0f 0x8a10 0x8a11 0x8a12 0x8a13 0x8a14 0x8a15 0x8a16 0x8a17 0x8a18 0x8a19 0x8a1a 0x8a1b 0x8a1c 0x8a1d 0x8a1e 0x8a1f 0x8a20 0x8a21 0x8a22 0x8a23 0x8a24 0x8a25 0x8a26 0x8a27 0x8a28 0x8a29 0x8a2a 0x8a2b 0x8a2c 0x8a2d 0x8a2e 0x8a2f 0x8a30 0x8a31 0x8a32 0x8a33 0x8a34 0x8a35 0x8a36 0x8a37 0x8a38 0x8a39 0x8a3a 0x8a3b 0x8a3c 0x8a3d 0x8a3e 0x8a3f 0x8a40 0x8a41 0x8a42 0x8a43 0x8a44 0x8a45 0x8a46 0x8a47 0x8a48 0x8a49 0x8a4a 0x8a4b 0x8a4c 0x8a4d 0x8a4e 0x8a4f 0x8a50 0x8a51 0x8a52 0x8a53 0x8a54 0x8a55 0x8a56 0x8a57 0x8a58 0x8a59 0x8a5a 0x8a5b 0x8a5c 0x8a5d 0x8a5e 0x8a5f 0x8a60 0x8a61 0x8a62 0x8a63 0x8a64 0x8a65 0x8a66 0x8a67 0x8a68 0x8a69 0x8a6a 0x8a6b 0x8a6c 0x8a6d 0x8a6e 0x8a6f 0x8a70 0x8a71 0x8a72 0x8a73 0x8a74 0x8a75 0x8a76 0x8a77 0x8a78 0x8a79>