2002.09.19 06:00 "Enquiry about the Image Processing Project", by Mukesh Kumar

2002.09.19 06:35 "Re: Enquiry about the Image Processing Project", by Michael Still

i found yourid from net.

I have forwarded this mail to the libtiff mailing list, which might also be able to provide some advice on this issue.

sir i am doing my project in image processing.

my project is to recognize the fixed font character and hand written character.

now my first aim towards this project is to read any scan page through TIFF,but sir i not even know how to proceed this using c++. because sir there is not a proper guidence about this feild.

TIFF isn't a scanner in the sense of hardware you put paper onto. However, if we're talking about having a scanned page in TIFF already, then this is easy.

Using libtiff in C++ is no different than using it in C. Just include the headers, link to the library and off you go. Have a look at the IBM developerWorks articles on this for more information:


You should note however, that the libtiff headers have not been extern "C"'ed, which means you might need to hack the headers a little.B

please sir help me for developing this project.

send me some information about this project that how i proceed so that i can read any file through TIFF and display it usin this format.

please sir keep intouch with me

it will be greate pleasure for me if you help me for this project

Please note that I have never actually used libtiff in C++, but have used many other C apis in C++, so I can't see there being a big problem, assuming extern "C" has been used.


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