1993.08.11 08:09 "tifflib on Windows 3.1 / PC-based systems", by Uwe Seyfert

I'm developing my own graphic application on a PC-based system using Windows 3.1 and Borland C++.

Now I want to include TIFF support using the tiff-library. Sam wrote in /usr/people/sam/tiff/libtiff/RCS/README,v:

I run this code on SGI machines (big-endian, MIPS CPU, 32-bit ints, IEEE floating point). Makefiles exist for other platforms that the code runs on -- this work has mostly been done by other people. I've also been told that the code runs on Macintosh and PC-based systems, although I don't know the particulars.

Who has some experiences in porting the tifflib to Windows 3.1 / PC-based systems?


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