2003.03.26 12:02 "LZW and 4bit tiffs", by John Carter

2003.03.27 16:38 "RE: LZW and 4bit tiffs", by John Carter


if your referring to the article by Mark Nelson, Oct 1989, I went with that code initially but found I couldn't alter it to suit the my needs.

my problem [with LZW anyway :-')] was my "get code function", in particular i found that when I'd make the code = to strip[byte_number] <<8 or <<16 that i get leading 1's my solution was to take a 3 step approach,

2) part2 =  strip[byte_number];
 part2 &= 000000FF; /* wipe leading 1's*/
        part2 = part2<<(8+bit_count);

thanks jc