2002.05.09 14:30 "Orientation and Tiled images?", by Michael O'Rourke

2002.05.09 15:24 "Re: Orientation and Tiled images?", by Jon Saxton

In looking at a tiled image I have with orientation of 4, it seems that the orientation should be used to determine the order of the tiles but the data within the tiles is still Y to Y+N. For instance the first tile is the bottom of the image, but the raster lines are from 1100 to 1300, not 1300 to 1100.

Is this normal and correct?

Just from thinking about this, I would expect that orientation should determine both the tiling order AND the pixel order within the tile. Nothing else makes sense to me.

If you have a first-quadrant drawing space then logically you should tile from the same origin, otherwise where would you start?

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