2002.09.30 22:09 "Error message with tiffcp", by Mujtaba Ali

2002.10.01 13:36 "RE: Error message with tiffcp", by Ed Grissom

Note, that this will not be pure JPEG-file, but JPEG incapsulated in TIFF. Other compression methods, like PackBits, will give you better results for your 1-bit images.

If you want to produce pure JPEG-images you need other tools, for example, ImageMagick (http://www.imagemagick.org/):

I think you mean JFIF (.jpg) intsted of "pure JPEG".

JPEG is a compression method, not a file format.

JPEG compression is used in a wide variety of formats (TIFF, NITF, JFIF, BMP(*), etc.).

JFIF is a file format that only supports JPEG compression.

Other formats support other types of compression in addition to JPEG compression.

(*) ok, I have seen a spec for this, but have never seen an actual JPEG BMP in the wild.

ed grissom