2002.10.01 13:10 "multipage accessing", by Bommineni Bhaskar

2002.10.01 13:10 "multipage accessing", by Bommineni Bhaskar


I am using tifflib for my project.Presently I can view a tif file but only a single/one page but I need to view all the pages of a tiff file.Please tell me which tags of the tiff file should I set or access to read the multipage tiff file.What additional parameters should I pass to the fileopen method to load multiple pages when loading the file.

I also need help to read the layers of a tiff file since I want to store graphics and sound as a different objects(on different layers) so that I can access them individually and manipulate them.

Is it possible to store both sound,graphics on the same tiff file.If so please tell me which functions or methods correspond to that operation.

I will be very much thankful If u can direct me to a solution if exsits already.

waiting for ur reply

bhaskar bommineni