2004.09.14 11:06 "[Tiff] Calltype support", by Martin Schramm

2004.09.16 22:36 "Re: [Tiff] versioned symbols [Was: Calltype support]", by Bob Friesenhahn

I have finally decided to retain the same versioning system for the libtiff 3.7.0 as for the previous librarry versions. 3.7.0 should be absolutely binary compatible with the the 3.6.1.

Versioned symbols should be introduced in the next library release (4.x.x) which will be incompatible in many aspects, namely the 64-bit pointers.

This seems like quite a quantum leap. Now that libtiff is actively developed/maintained again, I hope that there is room for 3.7.1, 3.7.2, etc., as required in order to incorporate bug fixes and minor feature additions.


Bob Friesenhahn