2004.02.24 15:03 "[Tiff] Tiff viewers for windows 2000", by Valkanas Nikolaos

2004.02.27 08:05 "Re: [Tiff] Tiff viewers for windows 2000", by Phillip Crews

Does anyone know of any tiff viewers for Windows 2000 (free preferentially) that can display 2bit/sample multipaged tiffs? Several that I have tried display only 8bit or 1bit samples. IrfanView will just display the first page and then freeze. Kodak's Imaging will not display anything.

ThumbsPlus is coded to handle them, but I only have a few 2-bit Tiffs, all grayscale, none multi-page. They load fine, and multi-page Tiffs of various other flavors work fine. ThumbsPlus is free for a 30-day evaluation period.