2004.03.11 17:35 "[Tiff] tiff2pdf error", by Hi Technologist

2004.03.11 19:08 "Re: [Tiff] tiff2pdf error", by Bob Friesenhahn

Actually, whenever I get a bug report like this, I ask for output from gdb's backtrace or a dbx's where commands.

More useful may be the output of

ldd `which tiff2pdf`

I have been having a slate of problems with unaligned access issues on Solaris 8 with the Frote C compilers. I sometimes thorw in a -misalign (for the FORte C compiler) to help get rid of some of the SUGBUSes, but it doesn't always help. Not sure how to do -misalign with gcc.

This sounds more like an Intel Linux problem to me. Don't use it for development. Always use the most arcane architecture for development. :-)


Bob Friesenhahn