2004.03.01 20:10 "[Tiff] Hello world", by Xevit

2004.03.02 23:14 "Re: [Tiff] Hello world", by Xevit

TIFF cannot support any file over 4 Gig.

Yes I know this ( I've read Tiff spec from adobe PDF ). I want to implement a format using XML and some Tiff files to reach 4Gb. But this is not my main problem.

My problem is that when I'm working on a big TIFF file ( tile based ) I want to read and write simultaneous to the same file, to change small portions of my bigImage.

For example, if I've a big image ( 1'5 GB ) and I want to modify a a single tile, I can't do that without rewriting all image.

Can you or anybody tell me a way to avoid the rewriting of the entire file?

Thanks Chris.