2010.07.08 16:25 "[Tiff] strlcpy vs strncpy", by Bob Friesenhahn

2010.08.07 06:36 "Re: [Tiff] tiffcp crashes on tile to strip conversion for < 8 bit", by Andreas Kleinert

tile=>strip and strip=>tile, I mean...

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Subject: tiffcp crashes on planar to strip conversion for < 8 bit

I've found that tiffcp crashes on some files of the well known tiff-sample-images-le (respectively -be) test suite(*) when trying tile to strip conversion like in

        tiffcp -s -r <height> in out



The easiest workaround is to disallow such conversion for files with spp > 1 and 1 <= bps <= 7.

I didn't try the opposite direction (strip to planar).

However it might be worth having a closer look at other files as well, since e.g. tiger-palette-strip-10.tif actually is 16 bit at one sample (not 10 bit).


(*) download dated October 2009