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2012.09.07 15:52 "Re: [Tiff] Managing the buffer", by Bob Friesenhahn

On Fri, 7 Sep 2012, Robert.Atwood@diamond.ac.uk wrote:

It has to be cross platform including Windows and I think it may have to be archaic. We're still stuck on RedHat 5 for now on the Linux side, I'm not sure what the situation of the Windows libraries is. Are you actually saying that the implementation of _TIFFmalloc has changed?

It is doubtful that anything related to libtiff memory allocation has changed. However, a great many bugs and security issues have been fixed since the version you are looking at.

If this is for a proprietary application, you can always provide a private libtiff that your application uses, even under Linux.

Under Windows you can presumably edit libtiff to do whatever you want.

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