2012.12.19 17:02 "[Tiff] CVS server unreachable?", by Tom Lane

2012.12.26 17:03 "Re: [Tiff] CVS server unreachable?", by Bob Friesenhahn

If you assume most libtiff contributors are also contributors to Git based projects, then yes, but if you are concerned about contributions from the widest range of people, then Git's extra complexity and the greater simplicity of alternatives might be a reason to consider them.

I do find Git to be complex and I found Hg to be much simpler to learn, particularly coming from CVS.

I am not sure what sort of bad experience Frank Warmerdam might have had with Mercurial (if in fact he used it at all). Git is most popular, but Hg is also successfully used by many huge projects (and tiny ones too). The TortoiseHg Microsoft Windows interface is pretty good and performs well.

Fossil is interesting but its user base is extremely small. I did not hear of Fossil until I started to use SQLite.

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