2004.09.13 11:15 "[Tiff] help needed - adding Annotated text", by Sonaye Chandan

2004.09.13 15:04 "Re: [Tiff] help needed - adding Annotated text", by Gerben Vos

I need to add an annotated text to an TIFF image. The program will get the input like Path of the TIFF file, Text to be written, and where to write.

If you want to "burn in" the text onto the image, you will need more than libtiff. libtiff only does TIFF reading and writing, not image manipulation. So it can add a text comment to the internal TIFF headers, but not add text to the image which the user sees on the screen.

I'm not aware of any tools that will do this directly on TIFF files, but ImageMagick can probably do it. You can certainly also build something using the netpbm toolset.

Gerben Vos.