2000.04.17 19:03 "SGI tiff 3.5.5 make install error .....", by Hezekiah Mcmurray

2000.04.18 18:51 "Re: SGI tiff 3.5.5 make install error .....", by Sam Leffler

autoconf works fine for me under cygwin on Windows. But regardless, just because the unix-specific pieces would be handled by autoconf doesn't mean the other pieces couldn't remain as is. I think that redoing the unix-oriented platforms to use autoconf would be good. In the past I have avoided autoconf because it is complicated and arcane and I considered it unneeded for such a simple bit of software (hell if you've ever looked at my configure shell script for HylaFAX you'd know I'm no autoconf fan). It's matured however and is now the standard mechanism by which users expect to configure and build free software. Going to autoconf or some other tool like it would hopefully simplify the work of people that integrate the software into other distributions.

That said, I'm no longer in charge of what happens with this software. I'm simply voicing my opinions.