2004.02.24 20:02 "[Tiff] Support for 16-bits per sample images", by Mayank

2004.02.24 15:41 "Re: [Tiff] Support for 16-bits per sample images", by Frank Warmerdam

Does the libtiff library supports 16-bits per sample images for both RGB and CMYK images?

If Yes, then what is the latest version that supports it?

Also, I found that, the version that i have, does have some level of support for 16-bit RGB images, but it just truncates the data from 16-bits to 8-bits to store it as an 8-bit image. Is this statement correct?


Are you specifically asking if the RGBA functions in libtiff support 16bit data? The TIFFReadTile() and TIFFReadStrip() interfaces work fine for 16 bit data, but I am not certain if the RGBA functions (ie. TIFFReadRGBAImage()) support 16bit well.

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