2004.02.27 17:13 "[Tiff] adding compilation flag to set the ARGB as native win32 format", by Frederic Delhoume

2004.02.27 17:39 "Re: [Tiff] adding compilation flag to set the ARGB as native win32 format", by Andy Cave

Hi All.

Given the number of people mentioning tiff viewers, and very large image viewers et al, I thought it probably worth mentioning FirstPROOF. You can see it on our web site if you want, but basically it's a Harlequin PGB viewer that's been extended to cope with (most) TIFF (files/formats - but we plan on adding these over time; to a degree depending on customer requirements) and was developed for the printing industry. Main features are: copes with very very large images (we daily use a 100Kx100K image for testing, but have gone up to sizes several times larger than that), you can zoom in, zoom out, rotate, flip, negate,... There's a resizeable floating navigator window for assisting with moving around. Lots of various tools for measurements - distance, angle, 1D, 2D, color, density, etc... Copes with gray, rgb, cmyk, spot colors,... Tools for searching, ink limits,.. Lots of documentation. Best feature is that it's performance is probably the best there is. We think it's the ultimate viewer. If anyone's interested, in that it might be of use to them, you can follow up via our web site (for more info) and/or ask me.

Now this contrasts to what Frederic has; in that given the tool set, performance et al, it's certainly not the simplest viewer around, but probably is the most powerful.