2004.09.01 20:39 "[Tiff] Stacked tiffs with colourmaps", by David Scriven

2004.09.02 01:44 "Re: [Tiff] Stacked tiffs with colourmaps", by Chris Cox

*But* if you are very sure that your files will not escape into the wild, and will not get edited by TIFF page-joggling or other tools, you could nevertheless write the color map only once, and state the same color map offset in all IFD's. That is *not legal* in TIFF 6.0, but it takes some analysis to detect even, so normal readers would not have any problems with the file. Neither would transcoders. Only apps that, for instance, delete pages and try to reuse lost memory writing other data into it and such, would cause problems.

That actually would work in most TIFF readers.