2000.04.17 19:03 "SGI tiff 3.5.5 make install error .....", by Hezekiah Mcmurray

2000.04.18 06:19 "Re: SGI tiff 3.5.5 make install error .....", by Jan Prikryl

After a sucessful 'configure' and 'make' on the tiff-3.5.5 directory a 'make install' fails quite reasonably due to a missing file (tiff.sw.tools). Truly - it is nowhere to be found. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

tiff.sw.tools is not a file, it's IMHO the name of SGI package to be generated:

--- installHdrs ---
        /sbin/install -idb tiff.sw.dev -m 755 -dir /usr/local/include


--- install ---
        /sbin/install -idb nostrip tiff.sw.tools -m 755 -dir


SGI installation database (IDB) has a parameter called "nostrip". So unless someone posts a fix for this, I would exepriment with "-idb nostrip -idb tiff.sw.tools" or similar - see manpages for `install' and 'gendist'.

-- jp

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