1994.02.21 17:45 "v3.3 SUNOS and NT", by Empress test

1994.02.21 20:42 "Re: tiff 3.3 on SUN 4.1.3 using", by Dan Seyb

I tried to build tiff 3.3 on SUN 4.1.3 using KR C compiler, but fails because of ANSI notation, so does C++. I do not have Ansi C on SUNOS, but only under SOLARIS 2.x which does not help. Can anybody tell me what to do to get around this problem with KR C.

If for some reason you don't want to spend several days recompiling everything you have using a GNU compiler, there is another tack.

Ghostscript, and likely other systems, offer a routine ansi2knr.c that converts ansi prototypes to K&R "prototypes", albeit under somewhat archane syntax restrictions. If you are interested i can send you a copy of ansi2knr.c if you don't already have it tucked away somewhere.

Whether the libtiff functions followed ansi2knr.c's requirements i don't know, but a quick check of a couple routines looked promising.

Hope this helps.


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