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2002.08.01 05:39 "Tiff AND CMYK", by storein
2002.08.20 08:21 "Re: Tiff AND CMYK", by Paul Kox
2002.08.20 09:21 "Re: RE: Tiff AND CMYK", by storein

2002.08.01 05:39 "Tiff AND CMYK", by storein

Hi everybody

I want to read and write CMYK color mode tiff image file.

but I don't know how to do it?

My purpose is that I read every channel of CMYK tiff file ,I decode it and Save the every channel to the memory, I dispose every pixel value of every channel of CMYK, then I code and write it to CMYK color mode file.

Do you give me advice?

Thank you very much