1994.02.21 17:45 "v3.3 SUNOS and NT", by Empress test

1994.02.21 13:59 "Re: v3.3 SUNOS and NT", by Scott Wagner

I tried to build tiff 3.3 on SUN 4.1.3 using KR C compiler, but fails because of ANSI notation, so does C++. I do not have Ansi C on SUNOS, but only under SOLARIS 2.x which does not help. Can anybody tell me what to do to get around this problem with KR C.

I don't know what other suggestions you will get, but here is my two cents:

Step 1:

Download the latest GNU C++/Ansi C compiler. It is available by FTP from many sites; the originator is prep.ai.mit.edu, and they will list mirror sites if they are unavailable.

Step 2:

Build the GNU compiler. It's really easy; there is a readme file which has about a dozen steps, and you're done.

Step 3:

Test the GNU compiler. You will be delighted to see modern ANSI code, and (if you choose to download the G++ class libraries) even C++ available on your machine. You will also notice better optimized (smaller and faster) code than you would get from the Sun compiler. But beware! Especially true in C++, and true also for ANSI C: Because the symbol tables tend to be bigger, executables really need to be stripped in final versions to avoid unnecessary wasted space.

Step 4:

Take the SUN K&R compiler and, with a smile of satisfaction, feed it to your favorite bit bucket. You will find that /dev/null is about the only place that will take it. (Has anyone ever wondered what's on the other side of /dev/null? Perhaps those of us who have violated the structured programming commandments and are bound for software Hades will be damned to forever sort the output of /dev/one.) :-o

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