2003.04.15 20:52 "Newbie: Cannot read TIFF header error once in a while", by Bradley V. Stone


I've got the LIBTIFF functions compiled on an AS/400 and am using it to convert TIFF images created from Host Print Transform into PDF files.

For the most part it is working brilliantly. But, every now and then I receive the error:

"Cannot read TIFF header"

Now, I have verified in these cases that the TIFF does exist and is valid. It is viewable and verified it with tiffinfo.

The funny thing is, the first call fails with this error, and the next time I try it it runs fine... no errors.

Not being a C guru, I'm just looking for a little guidance as to what would cause this. I've looked through the code but at this point is a little too in-depth for my "business programming" experience.

Any help would be great. For example, "what would cause this error is xx, or xx, or xx" That way I can look at what the problem may be, and understand the code a little better.

Thanks a milion!