2008.03.27 17:43 "[Tiff] Open Tiff File in Read and write mode.", by Jean-Michel FRECINAT

2008.04.02 10:29 "Re: [Tiff] Open Tiff File in Read and write mode.", by Gerben Vos

I use libtiff 3.8.2 and i have some problems with memory. When I create a 30000x10000 pixels in cmyk, i have to have a lot of RAM memory (about 2-3GB).

But my problem, i would open my file in read and write mode to edit and to process some pixels and after save the scanline into file.

I'm not very familiar with opening TIFFs in read-and-write mode, but in general this is only going to work well if the TIFF is uncompressed. Otherwise, the sizes of the new tiles/strips will differ from the old ones, and libtiff will append the new data to the end of the TIFF, leaving a large gap of unused data. (The TIFF is not one single large strip, I hope.)

Also, maybe processing the TIFF by tile or strip works better than by scanline.

Gerben Vos.


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