2002.09.20 07:33 "Writing OJPEG TIFFs", by Nicola Righetti

2002.09.20 12:23 "Re: Writing OJPEG TIFFs", by Jon Saxton

Doese anybody has code to write OJPEG(Compression=6) TIFFs that can be read by Win98 Imaging?

I managed to add TAGS 0x200 x201 x202 to my JPEG TIFFs but they will open only on 2000/XP non on WIn98.

Unfortunately I have had to create those because many viewers don't support the newer JPEG compression. In all cases so far, all I have had to do is set compression=OJPEG and set tag 513 (0x201) to some non-zero value (e.g. same as stripbyteoffsets[0]). I never bothered with any of the other old JPEG tags. I am a bit surprised that you weren't able to open TIFFs like that on Win98 and it seems you may have found one case where my simple technique fails.

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