2002.05.24 19:21 "How multipage is stored", by Scott Weber

2002.05.25 02:26 "Re: How multipage is stored", by Scott Weber

Doh!! Found it. Thanks.

However, both original images have an FE (NewFileSubType) of:

FE 00 04 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

And, as a result, the new combined image has this same entry in both IFD's

Spec says:

bit 0- image is a reduced resolution version of another image in this file
bit 1- Image is a single page in a multipage file (Isn't this what I created? )
bit 2- Image defines a transparency for another image

Shouldn't either bit 0 ot 1 be set? Should I do it myself?