2008.02.06 10:01 "[Tiff] Why is TIFF/zip not a default option?", by Anders Sewerin Johansen

2008.02.06 11:46 "Re: [Tiff] Why is TIFF/zip not a default option?", by Andrey Kiselev

On Wed, Feb 06, 2008 at 12:05:30PM +0100, Anders Sewerin Johansen wrote:

Can I conclude that most recent libtiff equiped systems (e.g. systems deployed or updated during the last five years) will support tiff/zip?

Talking about UNIX/Linux systems the answer should be yes, because zlib is essential package for any system and if distribution contains libtiff then it should be built with zlib support. Not so on Windows, AFAIR default image viewer supplied with some versions of that OS does not support deflate in TIFFs (as well as some other TIFF features). It can be fixed quite easy by installing one of the free image viewers available for Windows, but if you must rely on that particular software it can be a problem. Also I am agree with Andy's notes on LZW/Deflate ratio/performance issues. Just do not forget about using predictor feature when compressing with LZW/Deflate, it often helps to reduce ration by the small performance impact.

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