1993.11.17 17:27 "libtiff6.0", by Bo Yu

I wonder if anyone on this mailing list could tell me the ftp address of libtiff6.0, your help is much appreiciated.

(Ms.)Bo Yu
Multimedia Development, Oracle Corp.
Redwood Shores, California
tel:(415)506-2521 fax:(415)506-7105

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From sam@flake.asd.sgi.com Wed Nov 17 07:46:55 1993
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 01:21:33 -0800
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Subject: I am away
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I am away on sabbatical until February. If your mail is about:

flexfax         send it to the flexfax mailing list (flexfax@sgi.com)
tiff            send it to the tiff mailing list (tiff@sgi.com)
mailing list    send mail to majordomo@whizzer.wpd.sgi.com

Otherwise, I'll read your mail when I return.


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