2002.05.09 14:30 "Orientation and Tiled images?", by Michael O'Rourke

2002.05.10 15:21 "Re: Orientation and Tiled images?", by Andrey Kiselev

Yep, this is the file. And it is definitely wrong if Peter is right about the orientation tag being supplimentary and the file should display correctly regardless.

Yes, but question about orientation are not closed for me yet. I want another examples of such images.

Andrey, any idea what application is creating these images? I'm hoping it is some custom app and so there will not be lots of files like this in the world.

In the file 'tiles.tspec' I'm find a string: operation-done-by "the tsmApi library"

Looking around on that site I'm find a link http://www.tsmapi.com/ with such information: "The Tile Set Manager (TSM) Application Programming Interface (API) is an Open Source library of high level C functions for reading, writing, and processing the terrain data used by the TerraVision terrain visualization application."

It will be interesting to download sources and look into their TIFF writer implementation, but I can't. I have get a `Forbidden' reply when try to download.

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