2008.03.29 04:18 "[Tiff] TIFFReadRawStrip buffer data type", by James Sumners

2008.03.29 15:41 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFReadRawStrip buffer data type", by Bob Friesenhahn

Well, the image I'm reading is not compressed. So I thought the data would just be the integer color value of each pixel. If that is incorrect, how would I get that data? I want to be able to work with the color values for the pixels so that I can do my own compression.

If the image is not compressed, then you should be ok. What is the bits-per-sample of your data? If it is 8 and you are using the RGB photometric with three samples per pixel, then each byte would be one sample representing R, G, or B. If bits-per-sample is 1, 2, or 4 then there is much more work to do since multiple samples will be packed in a byte.

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