2003.03.03 04:49 "", by Rohini Patil


i am rohini.s.patil, i have mailed u earlier also, regarding my work. i thank u for ur sugeestions and help. now, i have ported my code to windows platform, i am compiling it in VC compiler, but the code is in C only. throgh my code, i am getting some co-ordinates of the rectangle to be cropped. (x1,y1)i.e., (top, left) and (x2,y2) ie., (bottom,right). actually, what i have done is, i have read the TIFF image, into an array of ptrs to strings, which contains, the compelete image. i have got the above co-rdinates, by traversing the array and checking the pixel values, now i want to crop it off at the above co-rdinates, what i have mentioned above, and then write back into the TIFF file. as i have the image in array, is there any methods, in libtiff libraray or anything as such, by which i can write the contents of my array into the TIFF image and get my TIFF image.

to specify in brief, can u tell me the methods, by which i can write the contents of my array, back into the tiff image.


thank u