2008.02.18 00:40 "[Tiff] TIFFRead errors on faxes", by Mick O'Neill

2008.02.21 21:44 "Re: [Tiff] Release notes", by Frank Warmerdam

We are looking into updating the version of libtiff we are using in our

> toolkits. We are currently using 3.5.7. To make the decision to update

to a newer version, we were wondering about the difference between the newer versions and 3.5.7. Are there any release notes for the

different versions? Is there a documentation or a tracking system for new features and bug fixes?


The authoritative resource is the ChangeLog file, though it's a bit hard to comb through. I was going to paste it in here, but the ChangeLog is really pretty substantial. I see 1.5.7 was back in 2001 sometime. So, yes, there have been some changes. :-)

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